The Lindens costs £5/hour, making our morning session £20 and our afternoon session £10. Children are welcome to attend just the morning or both the morning and afternoon Monday to Friday.


Up to the term after a child turns 5 he/she is eligible for funding of £4.01/hour from the Local Education Authority for up to 15 hours of childcare a week. If your child is eligible for the nursery grant you can apply it towards the mornings and/or afternoons at The Lindens.

Parents are asked to contribute towards the cost of food and materials.


3 Mornings- £142.56 per term (12 hr. week)
4 Mornings- £238.20 per term (16 hr. week)
5 Mornings- £478.20 per term (20 hr. week)

(Please note the above are approximate figures for a 12 week term)

3 Full days- £1,080 per term (18hr. week) 
1 Full day and 3 mornings- £1,080 per term (18 hr. week) 
4 Mornings- £960 per term (16hr. week) 

Fees are payable monthly or termly or annually, and will be discussed as part of the admissions process. 

*children who are statutory school age are only able to attend Kindergarten as part of their elective home education programme and are welcome to join us for up to 18 hours a week.


Children under 5

Children over 5*