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The Little Kindergarten Day

The Little Kindergarten is a  smaller group catering to the needs of the younger child. It is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9.15-12.45pm and children have the option to join the afternoon group in the bigger room and stay until 3pm. The rhythm of the day, the week and the seasons gives form and structure and promotes a sense of security and self-confidence.

Our Daily Rhythm

Arrival time/Garden time ~ 9:15 am

Upon arrival he children are settled into garden time by their parents/carers. The group will spend an hour outside, whatever the weather. We have a mud kitchen, a play house, a sandpit, there is a raised bed to tend to and plenty of space for the children to explore.

Snack Time

After coming in from the garden, we sit at the table to enjoy a healthy snack that the children have helped to prepare. We use organic ingredients whenever possible. During snack time there is an opportunity for the children to share their news and listen to each other.

Play Time/Activities

The children are welcome to take part in the morning activity or  join their friends in free, creative play. When we are done we begin to tidy up, all working together to put everything back in its home.

Circle and Story Time

We finish the morning with circle and story time. We join hands in a circle where we move together to sing songs, play games, all learned through imitation.The teacher then tells a story or puppet play that  is repeated  for the course of the week so that the children can begin to truly understand it. Stories and songs are chosen carefully around the seasons and carry themes that will support the children’s social and emotional understanding. 

Home Time ~ 12:45 pm

At 12.45 we say say goodbye and get ready to go home.

Afternoon, 12:45pm - 3:00pm

Lunch Time

Children staying for the afternoon will have a home cooked vegetarian meal. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.


Rest Time

The children will have a short rest time with books while the teacher quietly plays the lyre.

Free Play

Children lead imaginative play inside or outside. Drawing and crafts are also provided.

Home Time

At 3:00 we will sing our goodbyes and all go home.

Our Weekly Rhythm





Soup Making



Porridge, fruit

Vegetable soup/oat cakes

Bread and honey, fruit

We offer reship tea and water to drink with every snack

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