Early Years Steiner Education 

Steiner Waldorf Early Years offers a child centred education, honouring the uniqueness of each child while also working with the needs of the whole group.  Since a child’s primary mode of learning is that of doing and experiencing, learning is integrated into the daily activities rather than subject based. Children are given time to unfold at their own pace with opportunities for uninterrupted play-based exploration providing a strong foundation for learning.

The importance of play

We believe that play is the true work of childhood. Through playing the children acquire the basis for social and academic skills at their own pace and enabled to develop the interest and confidence necessary for successful lifelong learning.

Rhythm and repetition

Our aim is to build a bridge between home and school by creating a safe, warm environment, with a curriculum that is insipid by the seasons. a balance between child initiated and teacher lead activities.  Each Kindergarten day has a balance between child initiated and teacher led activities, with each having its own activity, such as; painting, baking, or gardening, keeping the structure of each day the same. The strong rhythm of the days and the repetition that each week carries, creates a safe and secure environment for the children, which enables more effective learning and reduces the needs for additional discipline.

The natural environment

We spend lots of time outside to develop an awareness of the changing seasons and our natural environment. We use play equipment that facilitate open ended play made from natural material and we cook with organic whole foods wherever possible.


In the Kindergarten, children make real things from real materials that have a useful application in the world they know, such as boats that can float, skipping ropes, and candles. Through their work with real materials, they learn about integrity, and a sense of reverence is nourished through caring for the equipment and the environment. 

A lifelong love of learning

Education in the early years of a child’s life is about instilling a feeling of confidence and genuine interest in the world while laying a foundation for academic learning. We believe in addressing the whole child; head, heart and hands to provide the best possible beginning for the child to grow to their full potential in a way that protects the wonder and delight of early childhood and instills a lifelong love for learning.

Our curriculum

During every stage of Steiner education, the framework of the curriculum allows each child to develop at his or her own pace. It is recognised that for each age the child has different emotional and intellectual needs and the curriculum is uniquely designed to meet, support and encourage these needs as they unfold.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Lindens Kindergarten addresses all the seven areas of learning and development in accordance with the EYFS.

Three of these are prime areas:

1) Communication and Language
2) Physical Development
3) Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In addition, we support four specific areas:

1) Literacy
2) Mathematics
3) Understanding the World
4) Expressive Arts and Design

National Curriculum Exemptions

The Lindens Kindergarten will be applying for exemptions from particular areas of the EYFS that we believe are in conflict with the principles of Steiner Waldorf early years education. These are in the areas of literacy, mathmatics and information technology.  If you would like more information about this please speak to our staff.

The Lindens Early Years Setting CIC 

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